Smarter Tools.

Grow a Smarter Business by implementing the right systems with the right tools and some automation thrown in

Smart business owners know that it takes a combination of tools & systems to transform their business into a smart business.





Technology can be a tough game in small business. The goal posts are constantly changing and there are so many option, that it's hard to know where to start. We're here to help you out when it comes to systems and technology in your business.  We know how to effectively take your business 'work' online with a combination of software and tools hosted in the cloud and good systems and procedures in place, you'll be sipping pina coladas on the beach in no time (ok, we can't guarantee that, but you'll definitely be more organised).


We'll start by examining your current systems and processes. And get an insight into what's working and what's not. Then we'll start to suggest software and tools that can fit into the mix


We've partnered with some of the best software on the market that can handle everything from your core business communication tools to CRM software, accounting, job management and more. And if we can't find something out there that fits your needs our developer ninjas are experts at creating custom software that will meet your needs.

Our Tools of The Trade


Active Campaign

We use Active Campaign to help businesses automate their sales & marketing activities. Active Campaign is your one stop shop when it comes to email marketing, CRM, and managing your sales team.  For more information and to sign up check out Mavn Mail.



MAVN Digital is a certified Xero Cloud Integrator.  As a Cloud Integrator we can help you decide on the best apps to use with Xero for your business. Including job management, time tracking, CRM's and more. Plus we'll help you get up and running with setup, migration, training & integration services. 



Podio is our 'go to' tool for managing work within your organisation. An all in one solution for team collaboration, document storage and managing projects - it allows you to keep your work structured and organised, as well as having the ability to create systems, workflows & automate your work.


Google Apps

Google Apps makes it easy to implement enterprise level email & business management apps into your organisation at a small business price. Manage your emails, contacts, calendar & documents from anywhere in the world, on any device.


We believe that every business should be implementing smart systems and software to make doing business easier and more effective.

From scoping to selection to implementation & training - we'll be there all the way!

Identify gaps in your business systems and processes
Make Recommendations based on your requirements
Implement solutions to enhance and improve your business
Implement solutions to improve your business
Train you and your team to use the tools we implement
Provide ongoing support and advice


Hassle Free Migration

We'll manage the migration of data from any of your current software into your new solution.

Flexible & Future-Proof Systems

We understand that small business owners won't always be 'small.' All our solutions are designed to scale as your business grows. 


We'll make sure that you are fully trained in the solutions that we implement for your business. We can run on and off site training for you and your staff.


We provide ongoing support for you and your team, it's the only way to ensure your complete success on a new system.

Proven Solutions

We've worked to implement our solutions across many industries and businesses. Over time we've worked out what 'works.'

API Development

Our developers are experts at making integration magic happen between API's. So if you need to integrate different software together, we're your people.

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