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In more than 500,000 organisations worldwide, teams use Podio to structure their projects, share files, assign tasks and have discussions - all in one tool. Work more efficiently by utilizing Podio's flexibility architecture to design workspaces unique to your workflow.

Get everyone on the same page

Gone are the days of to-do lists in spreadsheets and endless email threads. When running a project on Podio it's easy to stay co-ordinated, with every task, file and discussion on one page.

Eliminate Document Chaos

Files are connected to your projects & deliverables so the latest version and discussion history of every project is accessible in one place. Quickly locate and reference former jobs for inspiration, repurpose unused work, and incorporate past learnings to improve quality and speed.

Completely Customisable to Fit Your Team.

Every project and team is different - and we don't believe you should have to change how you work to fit into software. With Podio, you choose the features you need and you name everything to suit exactly how you work.

Power Your Process With Podio

Customise Podio for how your team works on Projects, create apps workflows and workspaces that fit your project needs. Podio is powerful an flexible while still remaining lightweight and easy to use.


All Your Information In One Central Place


Keep all your essential project information and communication in one place. Everything from client information to project dates milestones, creative material and more. Design your project management app to include just the fields you need to keep an eye on your projects.

Save time by having a birds eye view of everything in one app. Because all your team are working from the one place you don't have to waste time flicking between different apps and your whole team can stay on the same page - knowing the status of every project.

Keep all your essential information in one place using Podio.


Collaborate With Your Team

With built in collaboration you can keep everyone on the same page. Leave notes for team members, @mention them to draw attention to important items and create tasks and follow up items for anyone on the team.

Automate For Even More Power

With automation built straight into Podio, it's easy to power your processes with Podio. Create tasks for each stage of your project, automatically create new items and plenty more with Podio's in built automations.


Just some of the businesses who are using Podio to power their processes

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