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We are MAVN

A digital & technology agency that helps your business stay connected across the digital landscape. From web design, to social media and getting your devices connected through cloud software.  We’re here to help you thrive in the new digital economy.


Professional, fully responsive websites that reflect your businesses brand and act as the hub of your digital presence


Social media strategy and management that builds your social presence and engages with current and potential customers


Capture the attention of your audience and cut through inboxes with creative & visually appealing email campaigns


Life moves to fast to put limits on where and how you work - connect to the people and information you need anytime on any device.

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How We Work

  • Innovation

    We'll bring the crazy ideas to make your brand stand out in a crowded marketplace

  • Strategy

    The gameplan that drives the decision making and implementation

  • Execution

    That BIG idea is pretty worthless if it never gets implented. We'll make it happen

The word maven comes from the yiddish word ‘Meyvn,’ meaning “One who understands.” But we believe to be a maven you have to more than just understand a topic, you have to know it’s intricacy’s - the ins and outs of it.


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Mavens are those people you turn to as experts in their field. You don’t become a maven overnight - that kind of expertise comes with an accumulation of knowledge over the years.

We're excited to announce that She's A Geek has been evolving over the last few months and have re-branded as MAVN Digital! If you got here expecting She's A Geek - don't worry, we're still the same great company, just with a new name, new brand & some exciting new opportunities for your business! Take a look around our new website & don't forget to drop us a line & say hi!