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Technology is the biggest story in business today, plain & simple.

The innovations and disruptions of the last 10 years have been nothing short of astonishing and has opened up a whole new world of opportunity for the small business.

  • Digital is redefining ‘the office’ and how we get work done
  • Digital is powering new ways of interacting with customers
  • Digital is allowing us to operate business on a global scale
  • Digital is creating new markets and business models

Maven Digital helps your business take advantage of these new opportunities by leveraging digital tools to drive higher levels of profit, productivity & performance. Making digital technologies work for you, even while the technologies themselves keep changing. Regardless of your industry or geography, business is set to become even more digitized in the future.

The Time to Unleash Your Digital Business is Now

The Tools we Use


Your central, digital business hub that engages and converts visitors


Systematic and strategic social media that attracts and engages


Put your email marketing on autopilot with marketing automation


Anytime, any device software that drives operations & processes

Mavens are those people you turn to as experts in their field. You don’t become a maven overnight - that kind of expertise comes with an accumulation of knowledge over the years.

The Maven Method

  • Innovation

    We'll bring the crazy ideas to make your brand stand out in a crowded marketplace

  • Strategy

    The gameplan that drives the decision making and implementation

  • Execution

    That BIG idea is pretty worthless if it never gets implented. We'll make it happen

Our Happy Clients


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We're excited to announce that She's A Geek has been evolving over the last few months and have re-branded as MAVN Digital! If you got here expecting She's A Geek - don't worry, we're still the same great company, just with a new name, new brand & some exciting new opportunities for your business! Take a look around our new website & don't forget to drop us a line & say hi!