CONVERGENCE001: Thinking About Digital Campaigns

Episode #001 (1)


Welcome to the first  episode of the convergence podcast. We’re going to be exploring the convergence of online marketing, technology and automation techniques that can really help you grow your business in this digital world that we find ourselves living in these days. In todays episode Evielyn is going to explore how you can get off the online mareketing, social media, content marketing treamills – the daily grind of online content. And instead use campaigns to focus your online efforts to really bring you results online.  She’ll talk about crafting offers, creating landings pages and how to use content marketing and social media to drive traffic to your offers.


Essential Learning Points From This Episode:

  • What’s A Digital Campaign?
  • Why Should You Be Thinking About Digital Campaigns
  • What Does A Digital Campaign Involve


Important Links & Mentions From This Episode:



To get Mavn Digital’s new landing page plugin for wordpress email


Mavn Mail

Thrive Leads



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